WHAT DO YOU DO?   We cherry-pick the best resources for your photography project. We work with every photo and talent agent in the business and will package and submit a targeted selection of options with a range of style and price.

DO YOU ONLY SOURCE PHOTOGRAPHERS?   We bring everything needed to the table. Set designers, location scouts, models, stylists, and more. Our clients are often pleasantly surprised at the level of talent and crew we can deliver.

WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?   Nothing. Tell us what you’d like for lunch.

WHAT KINDS OF COMPANIES DO YOU WORK WITH?   We work with brands or their agencies who want the best results for their photography projects. Our clients are billion-dollar conglomerates or freshly hatched start-ups.

WHY SHOULD I WORK WITH YOU?   Because you have enough on your plate and because we’re really good at this. More than 25 years on the business-side of photography gives us unique expertise, perspective, and contacts. You’ll enjoy a seamless and streamlined experience.

ARE YOU EXPENSIVE?   Not at all. In fact, rarely does our contribution not more than cover our fees.