Noncommission-Based Photographer Sourcing:

We review dozens of portfolios a month so you don’t have to. Roark Dunn both stays on top of the best talent and negotiates the best deals possible for our clients. We will quickly grasp the most important criteria, research photographers across a spectrum of experience, style and price, and then present to you the best options. You will be clear as to why we suggest them and how best to collaborate with them to achieve the results you need.

Full Service Photoshoot Production:

Our professionals like to think out of the box, taking a very proactive and common-sense approach, making sure your money is intelligently spent in places where it will count. Without breaking a sweat, we’ll negotiate and assemble the very best team for your particular shoot, getting the right people at the best rates. From concept to completion, we’re there with you – nipping and tucking wherever suitable, ensuring smooth flow in both directions.

Value-Conscious Model Casting:

Everyone wants to book as much model as their budget will allow. Let’s make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Roark Dunn combines an aggressive approach with strategic insight, always going the extra few steps to try and stretch your spend. Sometimes you get lucky and beat the system, sometimes you just get a fair deal, but we’re known for our ability to get seemingly unattainable models while staying within our client’s budgets.

Fashion & Beauty Art Buying:

For small agencies without Art Buying departments or large agencies that could use savvy support on a particular account. Roark Dunn helps you look good and better serve your client’s needs. Creatives love us because they get more. Account people love us because they get more for less. Nobody knows the business-side of fashion & beauty photography better than we do. Let us make you look good.

Create an Artist & Talent Pool:

We’ll do the research and the legwork before you have to make your selection. We will find the people that do the kind of work you require, prenegotiate their rates and give you a versatile toolbox, ready to go.

Agency Search Consultants:

Seeking a new agency can be either long and cumbersome or random and unreliable. We offer a third alternative. We’re refreshingly nimble. Our clients find us shrewd and trustworthy partners in this process. We bring fresh eyes and we know the best players. We work best when asked to look for small, high-energy and high-creativity shops.

Outsourced Creative Services:

Today’s marketing and creative executives don’t necessarily require a full-service agency for every component of their branding campaigns. Roark Dunn is an efficient alternative. We can execute your creative for a fraction of an AOR. Show us the brief and let us show you what we can do. We’ll take complete responsibility for the project, available to support your internal team or act as an external, project-based arm.

Hair Care Photoshoot Specialists:

Prestige or mass, a major haircolor rebrand or a sleek shampoo print campaign, we’ve literally worked on hundreds of shoots in every corner of this category. You will not find more capable hands to take care of your campaign. Our track-record is based on particularly strong pre-pro and asking smart questions now in order to avoid problems later. We know the photographers that deliver, how to be firmly proactive with model agencies, and what questions to ask well before the shoot. Better photographers, better models, smoother production.

Photoshoot Spend Analysis & Consultation:

There’s no one right way to get the job done efficiently, but it makes sense to be sure you’re getting the most possible from your spend. Are you leveraging your buying power? Is there standardization between departments, offices or even brands? We’ve observed and learned from dozens of companies and their ways of working. Roark Dunn will take a close look at your process and offer an assessment and consultation, offering detailed and practical recommendations to produce improvements without sacrificing quality.

Model Usage Negotiation & Renegotiation:

Proactive wherever possible. Tough, but fair all the time. Sometimes, we’re the good cop, sometimes the bad, but we’re not out to be popular. We work for you and we know what usage should cost.

Stock Photography Library Building:

For businesses that have a need for this kind of volume, creating a library of pre-negotiated photographs can be an efficient way to work with images. We are expert in this area. Target your needs, orchestrate what you require, shoot it and own it. We’ll manage the entire process from photographer sourcing to casting and production. One estimate, one invoice, no commission.

Freelance Creative Director Sourcing:

The right tool for the right job. We maintain a loose pool of top creatives in fashion, beauty, retail and luxury. With a discreet phone call, we’ll hash your project over with the right people, get their thoughts and feedback, and then build a bridge between you and who you need to hire for your freelance project.